The principles of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

Who Are We?

We are a rapidly growing company making significant strides in our industry.

Chanterelle mushrooms

Our company specializes in crafting nutritional supplements and products that are meticulously designed and formulated based on the principles of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).

We symbolize our connection to the spirit of the Xi’An Terracotta Warriors, as they epitomize integrity and the courage to fight for their ideals. Similarly, our mission is to remain contemporary and pertinent while remaining grounded in the age-old philosophy of TCM. By upholding this philosophy and harnessing our passion for TCM, we curate products featuring the same ancient TCM ingredients that have been employed within TCM for millennia. Our aim is to bridge Western and Eastern sciences.

Every our ingredient is chosen with utmost care, and our mushroom extracts boast unparalleled quality and composition, setting a benchmark in the Western market.

We exclusively collaborate with entities that possess GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and HACCP certifications. Every our ingredient undergoes thorough scrutiny by Eurofins. Our products are meticulously manufactured in line with both EU and national laws and regulations.

We remain in a constant state of research, consistently enhancing the caliber of our products. Our formulas are regularly refined utilizing the latest insights from TCM expertise, as needed. Our quest to enrich our portfolio of nutritional supplements with novel products remains perpetual.

Our meticulous documentation and comprehensive information about all our ingredients can be accessed in the US NLM (National Library of Medicine). As we are constrained from disseminating information about product usage via our website, we earnestly encourage our customers to reach out to us with inquiries and to share their experiences. The special testimonials we feature originate from friends and customers who have found value in our products.

Mushrooms for Weight Loss

Our quest to enrich our portfolio of nutritional supplements with novel products remains perpetual.